I was appointed to the Vadnais Heights City Council in January 2019 through City Council Interviews to fill the 2-year vacant council seat after Mayor Heidi Gunderson was elected to Mayor. Excited by the opportunity to serve the community I live in, I jumped at the chance to be a positive voice for change, and I am now running in 2020 to continue my service to the Vadnais Heights community.

2020 Voter's Guide

The Leadership Our City Needs

Seeking and achieving solutions to neighborhood issues and concerns.

A Vision For The Future

I serve to make our city more efficient, a secure and diverse community with abundant parks, trails, clean water, and a proud place to call home.


Actionable Results

I am arguably the most well-rounded candidate and have known many people throughout my career that I can utilize to continue to assist the residents of Vadnais Heights.


Contribute to a Cause

Small donor fundraising helps support my campaign to return as a proven and effective leader on the Vadnais Heights city council.


Impact Statement

My estimated budget impact to fight tax hikes for the residents of the city of Vadnais Heights since Jan 2019 is $1.13 million. That includes:

  • Refinancing of the Vadnais Heights Commons $670,000
  • Imported Development Tax Revenue $250,000
  • Divesture Staehili Land Sale to private ownership $215,000

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